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Outsourced Training and Development


Do you have the resources and personnel you need to accomplish your training goals? Do your employees perform at the top level of their skills?

After analyzing your company’s training needs, you may discover partnering with the Get~it~Done Gurus is just the answer to finding your employees’ highest level of performance.

Today, more than ever, a company’s triumphs are measured by the performance of its people. The typical corporation’s investment in training and development is growing larger each year.

Yet, as internal training budgets are slashed, in-house trainers are scrambling to create meaningful content development and efficient delivery methods.

Your company and your employees benefit when you invest in your people

Experience shows that companies spending more on training consistently produce more profit per employee.

Regular training and learning opportunities are investments that help employees to prosper, giving your business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market. Employees who receive ongoing training are more likely to commit, because when you invest in their future development, you’re demonstrating to staff members how valuable they are. This leads to money savings as you reduce the costly process of replacing employees.

Many websites provide formulas showing how to calculate the cost of employee turnover. Here’s just one example: Costs of Employee Turnover.

Research indicates regularly training employees can yield a return on investment of more than 30%.  Here’s a simple method of estimating the potential return on your training investment: Training ROI Calculator.

Benefits of outsourcing employee training to the Gurus

Get it Done Gurus Employee Training Courses

Many leaders have outsourced specific business functions of their company in a quest to rein in costs and improve core services.

Cost cutting—while historically the key motivation for outsourcing—is
no longer the primary driving factor.

Outsourcing often results from the desire to secure competitive advantages through a greater focus on core business functions. In fact, the top reason for outsourcing cited by HR executives in one study was not financial at all. Instead, the key reason had to do with utilizing the expertise of specialists (88%) followed by savings in time (54%) and money (41%).

Outsourcing to the Gurus provides your business with a trusted, effective partner to help your company better compete in today’s economy.

The Gurus have a wide variety of employee training course offerings, including:

  • Behavioral interviewing
  • Business etiquette coaching
  • Customer service — for frontliners and managers
  • Developing solid interpersonal skills
  • Effective communications
  • Leadership skills
  • Sensitivity training
  • Skillful negotiations

Unlike some programs available today, our training is customizable and includes objective needs assessment—before and during the program—along with post-training feedback to address concepts requiring further reinforcement. This ensures your goals are met.

Engaging Employees is Critical to their Learning

bored employee

One of the biggest challenges facing trainers today is to keep learners motivated.

Maintaining a lively pace and keeping learners interested and tuned-in to training is one of our basic principles and points of difference.

Instead of lecturing, we serve as guides, facilitators, and motivators. We talk less and let learners do more. The fluid pace of our programs allows adult learners to discover things for themselves. The more involved they are, the more they learn, and desired changes in behaviors are achieved.

motivated employee

We design and deliver programs that engage and inspire learners. By stimulating the senses, we teach and reach in ways that resonate. Our programs feature high levels of learner involvement, interaction with fellow students, and a sense of growing competency. The more your employees work with what they’re learning, the more they take with them and remember long after training has been completed.

Call 630-545-1955 or click the Gurus today to find out how we can help you with your training needs.

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Whether you’re a small company looking to distinguish yourself from the competition or a large corporation striving to maintain or develop a human face, the Gurus are partners who can help you meet your business goals through effective and efficient training programs.


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