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“I hired the Get~it~Done Gurus to help me research a new multi-function printer for my business. My goal was to replace three machines with one. I gave Kathy my specifications. She did the research and presented me with 3 options along with customer reviews. Thanks to the Gurus, my decision was easy and saved me a day of researching this myself.”
— Mary Gammel
Quality Web Site Testing, LLC


Save your money and your valuable time by having the Get~it~Done Gurus do Internet research for you.

The good news: When you need information, the Web is a fabulous resource.

The bad news: Spending time gathering and evaluating online information cuts into the time you could be making money and taking care of other important matters.

We research confidentially…the way you want it done…when you need it. You’ll get accurate and relevant information every time.

You’ll have information at your fingertips to help make important decisions:

  • We research and compare big-ticket items—like office machinery, electronics, and automobiles—to help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  • We check out competitors’ websites.

You’ll get background information on important topics:

passport and travel papers
  • We’ll help navigate unfamiliar territory the next time you’re called to an international meeting or event. Such efforts result in you achieving a rewarding trip.
    • We research proper business etiquette, social norms, and cultural differences.
    • All of what we discover is presented to you in an easy-to-transport binder that serves as a powerful guide throughout your travels.
  • The Gurus look for background and/or context for your publications and presentations.
  • We’ll do a sweep of the ‘Net to find out about new products and technologies.
  • We do fact-checking for information you’re disseminating to customers.

You’ll benefit from other useful data: We …

  • Search for potential customers.
  • Collect E-mail addresses for mailing lists.
  • Plan vacation and get-away logistics.

Save hours of time and get prepared with the research you need! Let the Get~it~Done Gurus do the investigating for you.


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