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Consumer Market Research


"Patt is a gifted moderator. Clients appreciate her business acumen along with her caring approach to their customers. Her discussion guides and engaging exercises ensure rich learning and her reports go beyond the obvious. Patt is particularly able at gaining trust and developing openness to discuss the most sensitive issues. Kids comes out of their shells and tell her exactly what they think."

— Julie Draho, Marketing Manager

"Research findings discovered by the Gurus were very objective and presented in such a fashion that we are able to correlate them to specific business segments. In fact, members of the Chamber's Board of Directors are using the report as the foundation of [next year's] Action Plan. In addition, the Gurus' skill in communicating findings first to me and then to the Board demonstrated their true professionalism."
— David Bland
Former Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Board Chair


With Consumer Marketing Research, the Get~it~Done Gurus shine a light on your business — making it easier for you to grow and your people to succeed.

The Gurus help you discover what your consumers are really thinking and feeling. Your team will leave the research experience knowing how wants, needs, and wishes of consumers you serve relate to the company’s strategic goals and the fundamental decisions you’re making.

The Gurus shine a light on dark areas you may have lost sight of or never knew existed. Sometimes this means you must venture into uncharted territory to find answers. That’s OK, not to worry.

Come along with the Gurus as we forge the way and blaze trails. You’ll quickly realize this qualitative research journey—that is leading you to crucial consumer discoveries—ends up being as valuable as the destination itself.

We’ll spend time with you up front, listening to the challenges you’re facing. And, we’re happy to work with the most complicated of market research objectives before turning them into an action-oriented plan.

An Enlightened Approach to Learning Consumer Preferences

The Gurus know how to help you better understand the choices your consumers make. Our creative and flexible approaches to consumer marketing research get beneath and beyond top-of-mind impressions and logical responses to reveal the heart and soul of respondents’ stories—thoughts and feelings they may be sharing out loud for the first time.

consumer research guru

Specifically, we offer the following to meet your qualitative research needs:

  • Client and consumer sessions (yes, that’s right—your team and the respondents are interacting in the same room and beginning to develop a deep connection)
  • Focus groups
  • Ideation sessions
  • Individual in-depth interviews—often referred to as IDIs.
  • Friendship dyads and triads
  • Observational interviews—such as in-home, in-store, in-business, at-work, and in other environments (some refer to these as ethnographic studies)
  • Placement/Post-use sessions

The Gurus employ a variety of techniques and methodologies to achieve client success. Some approaches are familiar while others are specifically tailored to the needs of a particular project.

relaxed coffee shop atmosphere
  • Non-traditional settings foster relaxed conversation and make respondents feel safe and secure.
    • When it makes sense given research objectives, the Gurus work with research facility partners to physically transform a traditional focus group room into something like a comfortable, casual living-room or family-room atmosphere.
      • Respondents are invited to kick off their shoes  and settle in.
      • They spend quality time chatting just as if they  were in a personal setting.
    • Research is conducted in spots where respondents often hang out—such as coffee shops, sporting venues, health clubs, and libraries.
  • Pre-work and journaling prior to study sessions, when appropriate, allow clients to gain even greater insights into respondents.
    • Participants are actively engaged in and committed to research objectives by the time they arrive at the research venue.
    • They’ve identified their related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and are ready to hit the ground running.
  • Projective/metaphorical techniques are often more effective in telling a compelling story than simply using words.
    • Participants clearly share thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and relationships through the use of these tools.
    • A few examples are collages, picture sorts, mind maps, greeting cards, and association games/exercises.

Clients and Respondents Together: Eye-Opening and Heart-Warming Insights

There are times when it’s important for you to get up close and personal with consumers during research. These are the studies when team members are given the opportunity to directly connect with respondents in the same room. The Gurus put clients in the middle of the process. There’s no watching from a distance, in the dark.

You’re given the opportunity to directly engage with respondents, making it possible to get immediate feedback, to nurture their ideas, and to explore possibilities. Team members are able to interact personally with the people they serve and more directly experience their consumers’ emotions.

Of course, the Gurus do not “remove the mirror” without first providing guidelines and coaching for team members interested in getting an unobstructed view of their consumers.

Accelerated Learning During the Consumer Marketing Research Experience Translates to Action Plans More Quickly

The Gurus spend considerable time and effort ensuring clients are engaged while participating in consumer research.

Whether remaining anonymous in the backroom or in front with respondents, clients are in an intense learning process throughout the in-field experience. By acquiring a deeper understanding of consumers, and internalizing their feedback, team members can develop recommendations and action plans more quickly.

To maintain the energy level and learning for team members, the Gurus provide opportunities for  …

  • Structured observation
  • Respondent advocacy and role plays
  • Observer-led mid-briefs—allow differing interpretations to be promptly addressed and synthesized.
  • Interactive working sessions that replace traditional debriefs.
  • Next steps identified and clarified, and tasks assigned while the team is still in the research venue.

Far-reaching Experience Adds Breadth and Depth to Consumer Research Conducted by the Get~it~Done Gurus

The Gurus are accustomed to managing a wide variety of client and respondent profiles, and have done consumer marketing research in the United States and abroad.

Along the way, we’ve…

  • … met with youngsters, teens, and adults in varied life stages.
  • … worked with corporate executives, middle managers, small-business owners, and not-for-profits.
  • … learned from physicians, nurses, and executive chefs along with other professionals.
  • … discovered things about the haves and have-nots, those with various religious and spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation,
    education level, and political preferences … the list goes on.
  • … learned about sensitive medical conditions, various forms of recreation and entertainment, food preferences, shopping, buying, and personal hygiene habits … again, the list goes on.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Gurus’ reader-friendly reports and other deliverables—such as organized debrief notes, one-page visual summaries, working sessions, and formal presentations—are all designed for today’s busy professionals.

They include concrete, actionable recommendations to move your team forward both tactically and strategically.

Contact us anytime for further details on how we can help you see the light!


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