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Certified Etiquette and Manners Training for Kids and Teens

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"Thank you for teaching us manners! You taught me all I know."

— Emma, age 8

"Thank you for teaching us good manners and being respectful …."

— Madison, age 9

"Thank you for teaching us manners. I enjoyed making the 'fake' phone calls."

— Devin, age 8

"Thank you very much for the wonderful manners presentation you gave to our Girl Scout troop. The girls really enjoyed it, and seemed to learn a great deal on the subjects taught. We did, too! Manners are truly a gift."

— Leader Moms,
     Lisa and Laurie


"We got a kick out of watching the girls and listening to their adorable comments and contributions to the lessons. The skits and hats were pretty cute, too -- We both agreed the hand-shaking scenarios were very important and most likely not talked about too much in other households.

We will pass along your information to other Scout groups ... confidence (but not arrogance) is greatly needed for younger girls -- and boys! Thank you again!"

— Vicki, Leader Mom


We complement the efforts and influence of parents by teaching youngsters of all ages basic etiquette skills and manners.

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                                            Give Your Kids an Edge!

Good manners and social skills greatly influence a child’s future success. Poise and self-confidence help young people feel good about themselves. The child with a healthy self-esteem becomes the adult with a positive sense of self. By learning to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette, kids are at ease with adults, with their peers, and most importantly, with themselves.

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The Classy and Confident Kids' Academy presents 2-hour Mini-Manners classes for your group of children, ages 6 to 12. We welcome Girl and Boy Scout troops, sports/school teams, and dance/martial arts classes.

                                  Have Etiquette Will Travel!

'Don't have a pre-existing group of youngsters? Not a problem. Gather a minimum of 6 children together—by involving neighbors, friends, and family—and you'll be eligible for on-site etiquette training. The Academy comes to a location of your choice—a parent's home, office conference room, school, church … you name it.


We customize 2-hour sessions to meet the needs of kids in your group. Classes are offered at a quick pace to keep youngsters engaged. Sessions are fun and interactive, and lessons are complemented by games and activities geared toward fostering good manners. There’s serious instruction combined with lots of laughter.

The sessions focus on common courtesies, guidelines for politeness and respect, accepting differences and diversity, managing conflict, developing dining and social skills, along with phone manners and ‘netiquette.

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Teens also benefit from etiquette training, so consider a two-hour program for them, too. Such skills help older kids face life’s uncertainties with a sense of confidence and control. Polished manners and appropriate behaviors allow them to rise above the crowd as they go through life—making great first impressions in school and the workplace through habits of kindness, respect, and finesse.

Choose from 2-hour sessions focusing on …

  • Basic protocol and contemporary manners
  • How to create great first impressions
  • How to gracefully conduct themselves during various types of social gatherings
  • Dining skills and table manners
  • Conversation and communications skills

Or, tell us what you want covered, and we'll meet the specific needs of your teens.

The Classy and Confident Kids' Academy can further customize content to prepare kids for special occasions and situations—such as weddings, parties, dances, (homecoming and prom activities), and college visits.

Private lessons for families can be easily arranged, too.                                

Miss Kathy and Miss Patt complement the efforts and influence of parents by teaching youngsters etiquette skills and manners. They are mothers, adult trainers, and former child researchers. Between them, they have studied with The Protocol School of Washington, are certified by the Etiquette Moms, and serve as "honorary cops” with the Etiquette Police. Further, they have been approved by the State of Illinois to provide continuous professional development units (CPDUs).   


It’s not too early or too late to teach your children manners.
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