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“It was my lucky day when I called the Get-It-Done Gurus. Patt and Kathy are very professional, knowledgeable, dependable, nice, courteous and willing to follow your request yet able to suggest a better method. I was very satisfied and will call again. I'm very thankful for their services.”
      — Barb, Plainfield

"I sincerely thank you so very much for the time you have spent researching my son's second birthday party and his Halloween costume. This was so helpful … I will be visiting your website and hope to use your services again in the near future.”
      — Annemarie,  Elmhurst

"Thank you for celebrating with me, Kathy and Patt. Everyone had a good time at my party, and you made sure all the big and small details were handled very well … as usual."

       — Mary, Carol Stream

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help with the wedding! It was a perfect day!"

        — Terri, Elmhurst

"We just returned home last evening after our whirlwind tour through Ohio. The whole while we traveled, your little green folder was our guide. We referred to it continually and were so happy for your ideas. Thanks, again, for all you did."

      —  Betty, Lombard

"The Gurus were able to stop in and walk my dog during a stressful work week, as well as check on our home while we were on vacation. It was so reassuring to know they were taking care of things for us when we weren't able to do them ourselves. Thanks, Gurus!"
      — Trish, Glen Ellyn

"Kathy Strickland, of the Get it Done Gurus, helped me a few times with Internet research. I wanted to make 2 home-decorative purchases for myself (aka "buy my own Christmas gifts"), but I dreaded the Internet "work" I had to do in order to find what I was looking for. Kathy asked me the appropriate questions to zero in on what I was looking for and once her research was done, she provided me with color print-outs complete with pictures, web addresses, prices, etc. for me to review. Kathy really helped to take the "chore" out of Internet shopping! Calling on the Gurus is the best way to treat myself!"
      — Jaymie, Lisle

"Get~it~Done Gurus, I am so glad I found you when I really needed you. I appreciate everything you did for me. I'm sorry my physical condition [and needing more in-home care] wouldn't let me continue with your great service. I would recommend you to anyone."
      — Marion, Villa Park

"This senior wants to say thank you to my Guru. You're exactly as it's described in the dictionary — Personal leader, teacher. A trusted counselor and advisor; a mentor. A leader in the field."

       —  Joan, Lisle

"Thank you so much for your very informative and motivational presentation [on organizing and de-cluttering … to seniors involved with the Lisle Park District]. I've heard you've already inspired some participants to clean out their files. Thank you, too, for the generous and delicious breakfast. It was great meeting both of you."

         —  Debbie, Senior Programs Coordinator

"The Get~it~Done Gurus came to our rescue when my 92-year-old mother needed to move into an assisted-living apartment. They planned and managed the move so there was minimal disruption and stress for Mom. They were probably racing around behind the scenes, yet they always maintained an air of calm around our family’s matriarch. The ladies were extremely patient with her as she walked through years of memories. They unobtrusively donated or discarded items Mom couldn’t take with her. The family was quite pleased with their management of this move. The Gurus made sure Mom was not only settled in, but also feeling at ease and comfortable in her new home. For example, they made sure to hang her pictures and mementoes just the way they had been arranged before. I was impressed with how these women helped my mother get through a taxing transition. This personal concierge company is now among the few exceptional service providers I have programmed in my phone."
      — Frank, Glen Ellyn

"I heard about the Get~it~Done Gurus from a client of mine who had successfully used their services. The Gurus are quick and efficient. They saved me from stressing over all the planning and decision-making involved in the process of moving. "

 — Grace, Lombard

My experience with the Get~it~Done Gurus spanned almost a year. It began when I realized help was needed with my pending household move. Not having moved in more than 30 years, I had no idea of the scope of work involved, much less where and how to begin.

 Once the Gurus arrived on the scene, I had a sense of relief…confident they would handle everything efficiently and professionally. This was later confirmed by my observations of their work.  Patt and Kathy have a big-picture view of what needs to be done before, during, and after a move, and they kept everyone and everything on track.

 They packed all of my personal and household goods in three days — not a simple task considering I had spent decades accumulating things in this home. They supervised the physical move on the 4th day, and helped me unpack and settle in to my new house.

The Gurus didn’t stop there. They prepared my condo for resale by finding dependable home service suppliers, which saved me time and effort. Moreover, Patt’s previous experience in the corporate relocation industry gave her the invaluable knowledge and insights needed to interview and screen established real estate brokers on my behalf.

When the house was on the market, Patt served as the broker’s point of contact for many routine issues—freeing me up to handle other things.  She was a great sounding board during negotiations. Her helpful suggestions resulted in the condo’s sale within six months — no small feat in this difficult housing market.

The Gurus made a complex, stressful, and burdensome nearly yearlong project quite manageable for me. It was like having a personal assistant to manage the things one can’t—or doesn’t want to—handle. I now know where to go for help with the most basic tasks or the most complicated projects. I look forward to their continuing support and assistance.

 — Dr. Jean, Aurora


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