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"Patt had me from the moment she explained an employer's " WIIFM" (What's In It For Me?) approach to resumes and cover letters. Patt is a thorough and astute listener, respectful, and upbeat. Her writing skills are both concise and elegant, guiding me to craft a resume and cover letter that represent me well and match my skills to those a prospective employer needs. Having been inspired by Patt's confident approach, I feel much more comfortable in undertaking a job search, as well as optimistic about the opportunities and my certainty of success. She provided the right counsel and expertise at just the right time."

      — Michelle, Oak Park

"Thank you Gurus for all you've done to increase my confidence and to help me take ownership of the [career] journey I've embarked on. Your knowledge, approach, and kindness is much appreciated."
       — Marcia, River Forest

"My perfect resume helped me land the perfect job! From start to finish, your services were exemplary — professional and knowledgeable, yet friendly and supportive. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble for you, and I was made to feel special. You really do 'get it done!'"
      — Skip, Denver

"The current job market can get competitive, but when it comes to interviewing, Patt with the Gurus offers effective advice that achieves immediate results. Based on a holistic approach tailored to specific needs, Patt shared her impactful strategy in differentiating the job candidate both on paper and in person. Her advice is widely applicable, and will benefit anyone who is looking to make a positive and lasting impression with employers. I am delighted to say Patt has guided me to consecutively move interviews forward with many different companies, and I now have multiple offers. If you seek the personal skills and confidence required to better control the interview process, I highly encourage you to get in touch with Patt."
      — Matt, Winfield

"I just started in my new position this week and wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance. I am so grateful to have met you and for all that you've taught me. When I googled "interview skills training" I had no idea what to expect, but the outcome was better than I could have imagined. The process you taught allowed me to finally showcase my skills and abilities to my interviewer in a way that even he didn't expect. With your help, I was able to thoughtfully and thoroughly answer every question presented to me. I left the interview without any regrets (a first for me). I look forward to using these skills in my new career and in everyday life. My [new boss] is still talking about the interview, and how well I fit the position. Thanks again for everything."

  — Chrissy, Naperville

"It was an honor, Julie, taking [fine dining] lessons with you and Patt. They're still helping me to this day!"

  — Valama, Chicago

"All kids need someone to love them, and believe in them, and you are a shining example of that "someone!" At a time when so many are worried about the economy and challenges they are facing in their own lives, you put the needs of the youth in our community first. We have received your donation … to teach life skills to our youth … We are so grateful for your donation. Together, we are changing the lives of children and ensuring their success and happiness."

  — Ron Hume, Executive Director, 360 Youth Services

"In her work, Kathy consistently pays attention to the details, and she writes with an easy-to-read style."
      — David Hachmeister, Publisher Marking Devices Publishing Co.

"Their writing is clear, accurate, well-phrased with excellent grammar and spelling ... [we have incurred] no trouble using technology to interact effectively from a distance."
      — Tom Rice, PhD, CG Managing Editor, The Septs

"WOW! Phenomenal job on my biography published in this month's magazine, Fra Noi. I've had many people advising me that my bio was excellent, well articulated, and captured the essence of who I am. In fact, our club president has asked me to get in contact with you to help with writing bios for next year's humanitarian awards. Thanks again!"
      — Tony Fiacchino CEO, AeroStar Global Logistics

"As a small business owner, I am pleased to have found a solution to get the small projects done. I've hired the Gurus, to do projects like reorganizing my home office, performing an annual mailing to clients, researching a new multi-function printer, and helping out with filing and administrative tasks. The results are always top notch and on-time and meet my expected budget. The Gurus are a pleasure to work with and are always doing the little things to make my life as a consultant a lot easier, so I can focus on my clients and not the drudgeries of running a business. I recommend hiring the Gurus when you need an extra set of hands around the office! True to their name, the Get~it~Done Gurus get things done and then some!"
      — Mary Gammel Quality Website Testing, LLC

"The Get-it-Done Gurus helped us tremendously! We needed to do some fairly complex research, mostly Internet, and really didn't have the time. It was extremely important to my mother-in-law so when we saw the ad for the Gurus we went for it ... so glad we did! My mother-in-law was thrilled with the information and we saved a lot of time. We will definitely use their services again."
      — Noreen S. Kansas City, MO

"I hired the Get~it~Done Gurus to help me research a new multi-function printer for my business. My goal was to replace three machines with one. I gave Kathy my specifications. She did the research and presented me with 3 options along with customer reviews. Thanks to the Gurus, my decision was easy and saved me a day of researching this myself."
      — Mary Gammel Quality Web Site Testing, LLC

"Patt is a gifted research moderator/consultant. Clients appreciate her business acumen along with her caring approach to their customers. Patt's discussion guides and engaging exercises ensure rich learning, and her reports go beyond the obvious. Patt is particularly capable of gaining trust and developing openness during discussions involving the most sensitive issues. Even kids come out of their shells and tell her exactly what they think and how they feel."
      — Julie Draho, Marketing Manager

"Research findings discovered by the Gurus were very objective and presented in such a fashion that we are able to correlate them to specific business segments. In fact, members of the Chamber's Board of Directors are using the report as the foundation of [next year's] Action Plan. In addition, the Gurus' skill in communicating findings first to me and then to the Board demonstrated their true professionalism."
      — David Bland Former Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Board Chair



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