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Kathy's curiosity combined with persistence in finding the facts make her a whiz at Internet research. She seeks to fill gaps in knowledge, to understand nuances behind the facts, and to discover answers for herself and her clients.

When her children were young and she took on the role of trailing spouse, Kathy successfully helped her family adjust to several major relocations—moving to Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and northern Wisconsin before settling in the Chicago area. She's knows only too well what it's like to sit on the floor of a new home, feeling overwhelmed by the dozens of unpacked boxes, not to mention the disorganized basement. She remembers the list of calls hanging over her head to find schools, doctors, an auto mechanic, and lawn service. Kathy has been there and done that. Now, she helps others who are new to their neighborhood get through this process with less stress.

When she was a mom with small children, Kathy managed complex details and logistics of school projects and newcomer get-togethers while refining her selling and problem-solving skills. Like any good manager, Kathy is able to share her vision with others and motivate them to work toward achieving a goal–even more challenging when the team is made up of all volunteers.

During this same time, Kathy began to formally pursue her passion of helping kids understand the importance of demonstrating respect and good manners, while guiding children in character-development and confidence-building activities. Such interests and skills are now being put to use as part of the Classy and Confident Kids' Academy where kids are trained in contemporary etiquette practices and behaviors.

Kathy lives in a southwestern suburb of Chicago with her husband and their dog—a 13-year-old boxer. She’s mom to two lovely and confident daughters and has two wonderful sons-in-law. She considers herself blessed to be surrounded by several extended family members, including her vibrant parents.



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